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V I C T O R Y    E V E R Y D A Y     R E S T O R I N G    B E L I E F


The VERB Kind is a unique and powerful mentoring program that reaches the youth inside the walls of a juvenile detention center and gives them a second chance through mentoring, education and connecting them with community resources

 There are over 60,000 incarcerated youth in America who are all in need of help to put them on a better path. Our organization has 3 main societal goals of reducing re-incarceration rates, improving education via higher graduation rates, and serving as a consistent resource both inside and outside of incarceration.

All across the state of Florida (and soon nation) we have volunteers that go inside the juvenile detention centers (jails) and hangout with the teens each week. These kids are in there for range of different crimes, some worse than others and to us, they all deserve love.

Our mission is to help these kids feel loved and acceptance through time spent and building relationships. 

No agenda. Just time spent.


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Joy Boy is a line of accessories and apparel for youth athletes to empower them to play for something bigger than the sport they play. A portion of the proceeds go back to help The VERB Kind's mission to help empower incarcerated youth. 

The designs are inspired by the drawings from kids in detention centers that our teams have met and the Joy Boy's mission is to give back to the movement! 



Serving incarcerated youth through TIME & LOVE. 


 250+ volunteers across the state of Florida + Alabama serving the staff and kids of the Juvenile Detention Centers. 


We are currently in 10 counties in Florida, soon to fill all 50 states across the nation.


Giving incarerated youth a second chance at life through mentoring.


Victory everyday restoring belief 


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