Our Vision


A verb is an action. And we are creating a movement that empowers & inspires young, privileged professionals and capable citizens to live life to the fullest by giving back to their community as mentors and volunteers in the Juvenile Detention Centers across the state of Florida. In other words, The Verb Kind is giving people a chance to experience something amazing--like hanging out with kids who are currently locked up or at-risk. 

Our Venture


VERB was inspired by a small group of people who hung out with the kids in the JDC in Orlando, FL every Monday night, doing activities, planning fun simple nights, making cookies, picnics, brought in special guests etc.. The impact on these children and the result of behavior and hope was heard in Tallahassee. We are now on a venture to duplicate what we did in Orlando, all across the state of Florida.  

Urban Photographer

Our Vow


  • To create an OPPORTUNITY and then empower our volunteers through training & coaching

  •  To create a trust in society again by bridging

        the gap and breaking down walls.

  •  To share the impact V.E.R.B. is having with others.

  • To express the need of our juveniles in our Juvenile Justice Centers

  • To share the simplicity of changing a life for the good.

  • To advocate for the staff for all DJJ centers

      and meet the needs of the center locally.

Our Victory


The impact it's making on our children and the staff of each location will blow your mind. The impact it has on our volunteers is also something you can't explain. 

We know and have seen first hand what our time does to another's life. Spending time serving is making a movement that you have to experience to grasp the power of.

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