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It all started when just a random girl decided to hang out with kids in jail every Monday night. After a few weeks, it became such a thing that both the kids and staff would look forward to their arrival each week. 

Snacks & activities in tote, they'd show up, hang out and spend TIME. The impact on the children was profound. As they showed support to the staff and teens, they began to dream of multiplying this mission across the state of Florida.


Today The VERB Kind has brought hope to 10 counties in FLorida, 1 in Alabama, 1 in Tennessee. We are also beginning in Alabama, Maryland, Texas, and more.

This movement started with a lot of love and some time. You can join too. 

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Come to jail with me.

If I get to inspire potential mentors for the kids in jail, I will tell them that it’s almost never convenient to serve people.

Which makes it all the more rewarding. Like on Friday night when you get notified that the girls are bummed because they didn’t get a pizza party. They don’t deserve a pizza party, they’re in jail. They’re also teenagers on a Friday night,


This isn’t about me being the pizza Angel, this is about doing things when you don’t feel like it because you don’t even know how much it impacts lives.

Haley Hunt, VERB Founder

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