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be a mentor?


Here's why!

You should be a mentor because not only do you go in and change a life, a future, possibly break a chain, but what you do is change your life. By opening your mind, which opens your hearts, which in fact changes what life is all about. 

When you see people who have the fullest life, they are the ones who are of service in some way. 

You think you're so

different, but

have you made

a difference? 

Ellie Strube


can be a mentor?


Anyone 21 years or older can apply to be a volunteer mentor. 

Anyone who wants to make a difference in the world and wants to change their life for the better. 

Someone who is willing to make a commitment to something bigger than themselves.

People who can come and share their trade, talent, gifting, passion or time with our teenagers across the state of Florida. 

Here's who!

Convinced yet?!

Reach out so we can get you serving!

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